The site has become so popular (over 8000 members) that it has become neccessary to move to a subscription model. In discussion with many members we have agreed the following costs:

Personal membership £20 per year
Department membership (one login) £50 per year

I can obviously provide receipts etc to help people claim this money back.

How to join

You need to have already registered on the site. This means that you have a user name e.g. johnsmith. This name allows you to browse the files but not download/upload or comment.

1) To register click here and select register from the top left of the screen.
2) Click the subscribe link and follow the instructions

If you have already registered click subscribe

If you have a problem check out help page.

It is intended that this will become a community for sharing resources and good practice. For this to happen we need people to contribute files, comments and rating I would be grateful for comments see guestbook


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